So, as I write this, I know I'm going to tell you things you don't want to hear... HOWEVER, they will make sense. 

The first being that if you want lasting fitness results, it does not happen overnight. 

In fact, it takes time to see real progress. That doesn't mean it takes years but it does take several weeks/months to really feel and see change.

What I am offering is a 12 week beginner's wellness program. Exercise, wellness coaching, better food choices.

Notice I did not say "diet," "supplement," "fast results," or "weight loss program."

None of those words accurately describe this program. 

For 12 weeks we work on helping you take charge of your wellness path.

You make the decision to get up and come to class and exercise.  

You make the decision to make better food choices.

To get enough sleep.

To drink water.

What will I do?

I will lead the exercises-you do the exercises as best as you can. They may not be perfect but strength, agility, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance take time to achieve. 

Be there as a guide when you have a question-I will help you sift through your choices, to figure out the best path for you.

I will coach you through your first 12 weeks on your new path (and beyond if you'd like).

Do not expect to lose massive amounts of weight in 12 weeks. Again, it takes time to see real progress. 

That being said, I'm going to put a bug in your ear. Ready?

Notice I am not calling this a "weight loss" program. Why??? Because it's not. That term is almost a lie in itself. When we treat our bodies well, we may gain more weight than we lose, because we are becoming stronger.

What am I talking about?

I'm saying that when we eat well, exercise and have adequate rest and hydration, our bodies become stronger on the inside AND on the outside. That means your mind and body add muscle and that is a good thing.

So what really matters?

What really matters is how you feel, and how your clothes fit.

What doesn't matter?

The numbers on the scale.

Are you ready? Contact me asap as this program will be rolling out on February 1!

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