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Fitness Made Simple.

If you're looking for simple fitness routines to help burn calories, look no further!

Home Fitness

Beginner Workout.

Everyone begins somewhere- this is YOUR somewhere!!!

6 videos - Stability & Mobility Training For Those Completely New To Fitness 

This first set is a great beginner for anyone! Gentle, safe and effective. Watch as your core begins to strengthen with benefits such as:

*Reduce/Eliminate Back Pain

*Correct Posture

*Stronger core will help you prepare for more challenging exercises in the future!

Fitness From the Comfort of Your Home


All Levels

Anyone can participate

If you are new to exercise or need scaled instructions, there IS something for you.


Senior Yoga Class
Group Dance
Jogging Partners

150 Minutes!

Yes really!

Adults need 150 minutes of at least moderate exercise each week for great health!



Coach Sarah




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